Sree Vijaykumar
Sree Vijaykumar
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A Twitter battle has erupted between Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists over the merits of working all the time. Blake Robbins, a veteran of SpaceX, Nest, and Google who is now an early-stage investor at Ludlow Ventures in Detroit, started the discussion on Tuesday with his thoughts on Silicon Valley's mythology of endless work hours. "When I first got into tech. I thought it was 'cool' to work on the weekends or holidays. I quickly realized that's a recipe for disaster," Robbins wrote. "Totally false," Rabois responded. "Read a bio of Elon. Or about Amazon. Or about the first 4 years of FB. Or PayPal." In another tweet, Rabois added that "It is pure arrogance to believe you can outsmart other talented people." More here

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