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Sree Vijaykumar
Sree Vijaykumar
From the Editor's Desk
Nasty humans teaching machines to do nasty stuff is the real reason why machines might become dangerous to humans. After all, they learn from us (training datasets). Trolls caused havoc with Microsoft's teen chat bot experiment a few days ago. The bot started spewing racist hatred and sexist comments when asked questions, putting Microsoft in an embarassing position. Are our algorithms good enough to detect and prevent the worst human behaviour from influencing our AI-powered friends? Update: Microsoft accidentally opened up Tay again and shut it down after it tweeted that it's smoking marijuana in front of the police! - Comment

How external directors can support growth in family-owned SMEs

Outside board members can be particularly effective at coaching and guiding owners to address mental barriers to grow

Sree Vijaykumar
Sree Vijaykumar
From the Editor's Desk
In April last year, 18,452 Indian villages did not have electricity. That number has now dropped to 12,100 as the government implements its electrification plan. The village of Hotasar in Rajasthan is one of the recent beneficiaries. A resident Akbar Pardeshi, has pooled money to buy a second-hand TV that the villagers plan to watch. They already have mobile phones and some are planning to buy refrigerators. Kids look forward to going back to school, as they can now read at night and perform better. Families of nomads who rotated between homes as the climate changed are now thinking of settling in one place, building brick and concrete homes for themselves. Such is the power of electrification! - Comment

Sree Vijaykumar
Sree Vijaykumar
From the Editor's Desk
Market downturns are the best times for well-run startups. They can work on their core business, without having to worry about getting outpriced by flash-in-the-pan heavily-funded competitors. Bigbasket stuck to its core mission of getting an expanding assortment of groceries to you as quickly as possible and investors now want a bigger piece of that action. The grocery business with its issues of high number of SKUs, stockouts, low shelf life and notoriously low margins is a tough space to operate in. Ola, Flipkart and Paytm, have all shut their grocery adventures. Grofers and Peppertap will struggle to eke out margins from pure delivery. Private label and control on inventory should give Bigbasket an edge. Will it emerge as a stand-out success story in the online grocery space? Time will tell - Comment

Sree Vijaykumar
Sree Vijaykumar
From the Editor's Desk
Helicopter money is a reference to an idea made popular by the American economist Milton Friedman in 1969. The basic principle is that if a central bank wants to raise inflation and output in an economy that is running substantially below potential, one of the most effective tools would be simply to give everyone direct money transfers. In other words, print more money and give it to the people. In theory, people would see this as a permanent one-off expansion of the amount of money in circulation and would then start to spend more freely, increasing broader economic activity and pushing inflation back up to the central bank's target. Direct transmission could be more effective than QE, which relies on trickle-down effects from financial markets and doesn't expand the overall money supply. Prolonged QE has probably set the foundation for the next asset bubble already. The challenge is that if helicopter money works, governments will be tempted to use this even in good times, leading to chances of hyperinflation - Comment

Sree Vijaykumar
Sree Vijaykumar
From the Editor's Desk
This article is titled 'Who is lying about its marketshare, Ola or Uber?' Ola continues to say it has 75% market share. Uber says its at close to 50% market share. Ola also says that 'Ola Micro' itself does 50% of the bookings of Uber. The key to the discrepancies may be in the details. Marketshare should be in revenues, not in number of bookings. Also, are Ola and Uber using the same total marketsize number? Thankfully, we don't have GMV or some other cooked up metric here to further complicate things. It reminds me of Wall Street, where every bank claims it is at the top of the league tables. Of course, every one chooses a different metric. Most number of deals done in companies ranging from $500m to $600m and whose CEO's name starts with an 'A', anyone? - Comment

Reliance Jio 4G launch postponed to December due to technical challenges: Report

Reliance Jio will take the extra time to patch any "blind spots" to ensure a stable commercial launch later this year.

Wipro, Jubilant FoodWorks tie up for energy management services

Wipro, Jubilant FoodWorks tie up for energy management services - The partnership is said to help reduce energy and operational costs.

'Allowing pre-owned iPhone imports will negate Make in India'

Apple has sought permission from the govt to import second hand iPhones for sale in India, where its sales are doubling on-year.

V-Mart to expand in eastern states, targets 150 stores in FY17

Multi-brand retail chain V-Mart plans to open stores in eastern states such as Jharkhand and Odisha next fiscal to take the number of its outlets to 150.

This Lucknow-based startup makes your shoes the way you want them

Ecommerce startup Purplehide lets customers design their shoes using an online 3D tool with their choice of style, colours, heel type, and heel height.

Govt panel approves VoIP interconnection ahead of RJIO launch

The move may allow users to make calls to landlines and mobiles through voice over internet protocol apps such as Whasapp, Viber and Skype.

How CarDekho is planning to redefine car ownership business is looking to create an ecosystem that will cater to tech needs of auto firms, dealers and consumers

Virtual boardroom meetings: Do they work?

Early this month, when Times Internet Ltd announced the acquisition of US based cricket broadcaster Willow TV International Inc, it was made from San Francisco, where the company's chief executive Satyan Gajwani is currently based. Gajwani moved to the US last year and today travels frequent

Private equity firm KKR to use $10 billion global pool for India assets

Private equity firm KKR plans to use its global pool of nearly $10 billion to fund acquisition of stressed assets from Indian lenders.

Food bill to turn costly, potato, chilli prices double

Prices of several essential food items have risen over the past few weeks after staying still for almost a year, squeezing the budget of the common man.

Milk Mantra in talks with Samara Capital to raise Rs200 crore

The new investor will acquire a significant minority stake in Milk Mantra

How many billionaires are self made?

Data shows that 63% of the world

UTI AMC continues to push for IPO, plans to offload 26% stake

UTI sponsors PNB and BoB support listing; SBI and LIC want UTI AMC to merge with their own mutual fund business

Tata Sons to buy out Arun Bhatia from AirAsia India

Once the deal is complete, Tata Sons

Investor rush to lock into high rates crashes computers at post offices

Customers in various states, including Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, complained of computer downtime in post offices.

Banks asked to price 3-year fixed rate loans based on MCLR

Introduced by RBI on 17 December, MCLR takes effect from Friday, and the guidelines mandate that banks must price incremental loans using MCLR

New Delhi: Bomb threat to six flights at Indira Gandhi International Airport of Air India and Jet Airways

New Delhi: Bomb threat to six flights at Indira Gandhi International Airport - Some of the flights mentioned by the anonymous caller do not even exist.

India is a home market for HSBC: Stuart P. Milne

HSBC is looking at more investments in the digital space in India this year, says Stuart P. Milne

One reason why equity investors prefer India over China: world-class companies

In 2015, India emerged as the worlds fastest growing large economy with its 7.4 per cent GDP growth rate outstripping Chinas 6.9 per cent growth rate.

High interest rates will make Indian economy sluggish: Arun Jaitley

"Where in the world you get 12.5 per cent return of interest? So if deposit rates become 12.5 per cent, then what should lending rates be, 14 to 15 per cent?"

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